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Invitation is a request (spoken or written) to participate or be present or take part in something or event. Some kinds of invitations: Birthday, wedding, meeting, etc.
To make an invitation  must include:
*       The name of the person sponsoring the event (who is the host/hostess?)
*       Exactly who is invited (can someone bring a guest, spouse, child?
*       What type of social event is being held
*       The date, address, and time of the event
*       Directions or a simple map if the location may be difficult to find
*       What type of dress is appropriate or preferred
*       The phone number and deadline to reply; precede these facts with “RSVP” (French abbreviation for “please reply”).

You can invite your friend orally, use examples below: 
*       I would like to invite you to come to ....
*       Would you like to come to ....
*       Lets go to City Park!
*       If you don't have anything to done, please come to my house!

How to Declining an invitation
*      I am really sorry about that
*      Sorry, I can't. I have to do my home work
*      I’d like to, sorry but I can’t.

How to Accepting an invitation :
*      Thank you. I'd like to
*      That's a good idea
*      I'd like to, thank you
*      Thank you for the invitation. How to Declining an invitation
*      I'd be glad to


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